The recycling industry has been the fastest growing market sector for ESDT over the last three years.


We have been awarded several multi million GBP contracts throughout the world.
We have spray drying plants now installed to service the recycling industry in Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East.
The processing, recycling and washing of some products can result in a left over liquid solution which cannot be passed directly to drainage or sewer etc.
The treatment of these liquid solutions can be very expensive if traditional water treatment plants are required to be installed.
For many products, spray drying can offer an extremely cost-effective solution which removes the water and delivers a dry powder.
This powder can then be easily disposed of or more usually sold and turned into an additional revenue stream.
ESDT offer various additional equipment to support complete recycling powder processing plants such as CIP ready bag filters, integral fluid beds, external fluid beds, evaporators and CIP plants.
ESDT are the perfect partner for your powder production needs.