The ESDT Evaporator range offers high performance and technically advanced solutions for the concentration of liquid feedstock.

For optimum performance, feed solutions to spray drying systems are required to possess the highest concentration of solids possible.
Some products have low solid content as a raw liquid and without a pre-concentration stage would not be cost effective to spray dry.
Satisfying the concentration process with minimal heat damage to the product, ESDT’s range of tubular falling film evaporators have been designed to form, where necessary,
an integrated process within the spray drying system.
ESDT evaporators can also be utilised as stand-alone units, most often for waste product concentration or to make liquid products more cost effective to transport.
They can also be supplied as modern cost-effective replacements for client’s existing evaporation plants which may no longer be compliant with current legislation etc.
Manufactured from stainless steel our versatile designs can be fitted with full CIP (clean in place), pasteurisation and other heat treatments within the plant layout.
Our range of evaporation processes include:
  • Multiple effect falling film evaporating plants
  • With or without thermo-compression
  • Circulating evaporation plants with one flow and counter-flows
  • Low temperature evaporating plants with or without aroma recovery
  • Evaporating plants with vacuum cookers
  • Evaporation plants of special application