ESDT15 Pilot Scale
Spray Dryer

The model ESDT15 is an innovative spray dryer designed specifically for the product development and small-scale production markets.

The ESDT15 is harmonised to other models within the pilot scale, being an all stainless steel appliance from feed tank to powder collection receptacle.
Minimum mechanical installation is required along with connection to electrical
and compressed air utilities prior to starting production.

The unit comes as standard in a food grade finish with 316 stainless steel contact surfaces with 304 stainless support frame, platforms, hand railing and ladders all as standard.

However, a pharmaceutical grade finish is also available as an upgrade option.
ESDT models 5 to 15 are controlled by a PLC with the aid of a multi position HMI allowing monitoring of conditions and controls from almost any angle.
The control system is a touch screen, highly functional multi-layer system with programmable alarms and set points.

The ESDT pilot scale range of spray dryers are available in both food and pharmaceutical executions.

ESDT 15 Technical Specification

Evaporation Rate
(at 200ºC (392ºF) Inlet Air Temperature & 90ºC (194ºF) Exhaust Temperature).
Running Load (at above conditions)27kW
Power Characteristics
Europe380/440v 3ph
USA480v 3ph 60hz